Us vs The Universe Book



Have you ever wondered why or how you exist? Not just a one-off thought, but truly invested your mind into the matter? To question your beliefs, your emotions, your origins, your reality, and ultimately the "I" that speaks from within. It's fascinating, isn't it? To wonder who you are deep down, for such a quest will lead you to further questions until you're gawking wide-eyed at everything physical with such admiration and curiosity. However, the thought-provoking physical world is just the surface of what we experience, and eventually, an intellectual who dares to venture further with the journey of self-discovery will begin to look elsewhere. They will not be caught with modern society charmed by materialistic attractions; instead, they're exploring the intelligent realms of the imagination; formulating philosophical ideas and composing (soul)ful art. Einstein was like this. You see, underneath your physical existence awaits more mysteries deeper than all the oceans, and Us vs The Universe philosophically explores them along with everything else that comprises the human race and our place among the stars.

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