What it Means to be Human

Being Human

Many of us use the repetition of what we perceive to be 'normal' days of work and mundane pursuits in an attempt to ward off a fear of the unknown. We live to serve a system, a person or people where it or they tell us who we are, what we are and where we're going. We are always giving our minds over to others to be manipulated, controlled and fed ridiculous beliefs and ideas; information that dehumanises us to the point that we willingly behave like machines. I have met many people in my life who just look drained and miserable. They look like their happiness - the very love of their desire to exist has been eaten by their environment, digested, excreted and smeared onto their face by alluring and captivating advertisements that negatively affect their health. The vicious cycle of life for modern humanity, it's a game so unhealthy for all of us. So why do we do it? By us, of course, I mean the minority of the human population who live in such a controlled, isolated - information fed bubble, that we stress over problems of our favourite reality TV show, while next door to us is more than half of the human population living in poverty. Why do we, the people who have the power, the resources, the knowledge, the technology - continue to let ourselves become victims to living stupid, unhealthy and undesired ways of life? Is it the apparent security of a 9-5 job? A steady income? Or is it the tremendous fear of leaving what is known and travelling into the unknown?

Some archaeologists believe that Neanderthals lived amongst Homo sapiens around 55,000 years ago. Neanderthals were intelligent, however, unlike Homo sapiens, Neanderthals wouldn't travel far from their homes. They'd only go as far as necessary for their survival, such as finding a river for a freshwater source and residing in safe areas relevant to their survival needs. Homo sapiens - on the other hand, travelled far and fast. They would risk their lives countless times by pursuing the unknown and moving deep into its darkness, often at times, finding nothing but water and that resulted in many dying at sea; starved and malnourished. And yet, it was the Neanderthals who went extinct, not us. Driven by a force that distinguishes humanity from other species, we continued to explore, and in time - we eventually found what our dreams and imagination had foretold us. Leading to Homo sapiens dominating this planet, and to the continuation of our addiction to curiosity by turning our attention to exploring outer space and the deep oceans of our planet.

We all have in us this odd, peculiar attraction that gives colour to life and meaning to death. We birth creations, from thoughts to languages, to complex technology, to the creation of life itself. We sculpt, dance, paint, and sing to the rhythm of music we create. We make love, magic, and wonder of life by dreaming of ideas fuelled by our curiosity and painted by the source of our imagination. So why do we now dismiss those feelings that are so natural to our existence and necessary to have to feel and be human? Surely it cannot be security. Aside from security contradicting our true inner nature - it is delusional to feel secure in a world where according to National Safety Council, you have a 1 in 7 chance of dying from cancer or heart disease. Or a 1 in 113 chance of dying in a motor vehicle accident, along with all the other possibilities; prove the odds of dying today over the span of a lifetime for the average person to be quite high. Believing in security is foolish. You rob yourself of the human values that flow deep within your history. The characteristics of a person which cannot be caused by one's environment, education or upbringing - but derives from a source much more influential than that. A source at play with the entire human species since our birth into the realm of existence.

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