The Power of Writing

I write to you from a place of wonder, of love, where happiness accompanies my solitude for the first time in my life I feel at "home." Each day I breathe is to an extent solitudinous, for I am one to spend most of my time writing and enjoying the quietness in loneliness. And it is complicated for me to answer the question why it is that I write, all I know is that I must for it is an urge similar to that of hunger. Possibly my desire to play with words and arrange them to form sentences as a way to best translate my thoughts comes from that of the unknown source. Fueling me with inspiration to write what has never been said, or too difficult to tell. 

My obsession with writing has been present with me for some time now. I've been attracted since I was young to the power I find within myself when I see my cognition laid out naked in front of me by use of witnessing the syntactical nature of my words, an externalisation of my mind concretised by language. It is interesting to see your thoughts extracted and brought into this world, for it's like a unique mirror where you have a conversation with yourself. An opportunity to not just hear what is happening inside your mind, but to visually see with letters and symbols. My fascination with writing, especially on the topic of anything philosophical, has led to discovering more profound levels of myself that I never knew existed. Chambers and sections that laid bare but unseen have now been lit up with candles of knowledge and awareness. As a result, my life has become somewhat of an arrow on fire that has been shot forward in a direction, lighting up the darkness of the yet to be known as it burns the lies that stand in its path (without pretentious intent.) I have literalised my life by subjecting it to letters and symbols; the eternal now stamped with my existence for the eternity that it feeds.

I advise writing and all other arts for that matter to anyone who engages in some sort of self-mental conflict, to reveal yourself in front of your eyes by ejecting your thoughts into the physical realm by writing or doing whatever your artistic craft is with truth. Plentiful have failed such a simple task, the simple task of discovering who you are by expressing yourself out of the non-physical and into the thick web of the physicality.

This is the purest form you can take on the physical level that will convey your true self. To translate your "spirit", "soul" or mind into the language of physicality for the world and yourself to see through the acts of using physical objects like paper or music, in catalyst with your soul to produce imprints of yourself by writing on the paper or dancing to the music. It's like a splash from a wave of your mind leaving its presence on the beach of what can be felt, seen and heard by everyone. Writing has become my friend, a presence that I can turn to when I wish to ask questions, philosophise, and give answers to areas in my life that if left alone lead to anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. It is a tool of mental health, a sanity producer that has and is keeping me well balanced.


Writing is like a therapy for me sometimes but it could be a cause of my sadness..I started my manuscript last year and I’m struggling to finish it because it makes me very emotional and tears keep falling. How can I keep writing without crying?.thank you all.

Sheila Tabian Finefrock May 19, 2019

I have recently started writing about my thoughts, feelings, experiences, never did i thought that it could be so fulfilling, i have come to learn more about me and others, i have come to understand myself as well as the endless power of words and vocabulary, i just wanted to thank you for taking the time to express the way you perceive life and sharing it.

Carlos lara February 08, 2019

Uugh! This gave me chills. I loved reading and feeling such elation in finally having someone put down my own thoughts. I’m not alone! Yay!

ryn January 12, 2019

Hi Travis!

I too love writing in my spare time! In fact, I’m writing my first series and I hope to publish the first novel of the series by the end of next year!

Phoenix Erika December 31, 2018

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