Journey of Us

Humanity seems to be going somewhere, wherever that may be. We look to outer space as an environment to cast the net of our imagination; an abyss of the unknown tempting our very will to do what we have always done, to leave our cradle and travel forth. The questions that outer space provides for our minds are too delicious not to taste, especially for a species such as ourselves who loath to stay put in one location, physically and mentally. There seems to be an attraction pulling us across all realms. The planet, along with the sun, the solar system, the entire galaxy - are headed in a direction to what is known as the great attractor, and we are on that spaceship. Are we being pulled towards something for some possible purpose? That I am not certain of, but if true, I believe the advancement in our evolution of knowledge, intelligence, creativity and so on, links up with it significantly.

Concerning the modern world, I often question where it is that we are going and why we are doing what we do. It is obvious to so many that steer clear of feeding themselves with the deluded realities provided by culture and mainstream media outlets, that we clearly have a numerous amount of problems on our plate. Problems such as half of the human population living in poverty, the amount of drudgery carried out by the majority, regardless of our advancements in technology - the current proliferation of nuclear weapons and so forth. These dilemmas are endless. I do not have it in me to understand how we can allow our beautiful garden we call planet earth, to be destroyed by foolishness and blatant stupidity. The decisions to destroy our environment with toxic pollution, the immense and unnecessary acts of over consuming found in the 'nature' of many. The ongoing - utterly idiotic wars started by the people who we choose to lead us, the killing of other earthlings for 'food', 'clothing', 'fun' and so forth. We are travelling on a path of chaos, tiptoeing on the fine line of extinction and bleeding the blood of the species we have already sentenced to the grave. Just because of our arrogant and pretentious reasoning. It is us humans who are the doubled edged sword, not our teachings, arts, and crafts. We, on the one hand, can create technology with the purpose of love, to help one another and give ourselves the freedom we deserve. We can help beings who are sick, malnourished and in need of love and care. We can build structures, monuments that display possibility; inspiring courage to dream what has never been dreamt before. But we can also be cruel, dangerous and just purely unhealthy. We strip beings naked of their true nature to do tasks that entertain us, to win us paper. We pollute, destroy and antagonise our environment to the extreme, that it becomes uninhabitable for ourselves and others. We upset and treat one another in a cruel manner, with a lack of compassion, love, and connection. We are an unpredictable species, always appearing and disappearing from the presence of love. And yet this has all been part of some journey. The human species travelling through the universe with our stories and discoveries. We wander existence, roaming for meaning - to seek out what we currently do not have, journeying throughout life on a path as we leave a trail of history to be read in multiple languages. From our words to the results of our actions, causing our footprints to be cemented in time.

The journey of the human race from living out under the stars to investing our minds into the cyberspace of the internet has taken time. And within that time, we have travelled far and taken goliath steps. Soon, if we are lucky, we will take the step out of the restrictions we are currently living in; such as space, time and matter. Terence McKenna spoke of such ideas and theorised of the possibility of leaving these constraints and journeying into our minds through the use of virtual reality. He said;

"I imagine a world where children begin to build their virtual realities by the time they are five, six, seven years of age (think of Minecraft as the beginning). By the time they are twenty, these virtual realities may be the size of Manhattan. So what real intimacy will mean, is saying to someone, "would you like to visit my world?" My visions, my values, my dreams, my fears, in a sense, what virtual reality is, is a strategy to turn ourselves inside out."

When you look at our journey, and think of how far we've come, and realise the astonishment of our technological creations - the thought of advancing our technology to the point of turning our minds inside out and living within our imaginations thanks to the use of virtual reality, does not seem so far-fetched. Anyone alive today is witnessing the unfolding of the greatest technological period in human history so far resulting in the most glorious era of the availability of information and connectivity. We travel more than ever, resulting in our brains processing a broader range of new data from fashion, to food, to culture and so forth, as we connect to unfamiliar people, environments, and habitats. Our language must evolve so we can keep up with these changes, or for the novelty of innovation to keep up with language, it must be implemented.

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